Turkey Overload

Chicken with mashed potatoes was my favorite meal as a child, followed by chicken with dumplings. Chicken pot pie came in as a close third. I took turkey sandwiches for lunch to school, and even to work for lunch as an adult. I am a self-admitted serious poultry junkie. My only regret at traveling for Thanksgiving has been that we can’t take more leftovers home.

Now, my love for poultry has met it’s match in our Thanksgiving turkey. Since Thanksgiving I’ve had a grand total of 2 non-breakfast meals that have not had turkey as the main ingredient. I can’t even count how many turkey snacks I’ve had. And we still have almost a full turkey breast, two wings and both drumsticks in the fridge. Jim hit his turkey wall pretty quick, but I’ve been pushing through, and now I think I’ve hit my wall. No more turkey. Not for a few days, at least.

Dinner tonight? Pizza. With chicken on it.