The 2009 Photo Project: 365 Days

I’m currently working on a 365-day project for the year of 2009, where I take one photo each day of the year. By the end of the year I will literally have my “year in pictures.” I’m currently posting the daily photo to flickr, with notes about the day and/or the photo so that there’s a little context around the image.

You can follow along with my progress on this project on the calendar below. I’ve left the dates off to keep it clean, but the weeks start on Monday and I will add new months as we get to them. Each image links back to the photo’s page on flickr so that you can see the details of that day. You can also view the flickr set, see the flickr slideshow on black with the option to view the images at full screen resolution, or see the full stream on a black background at flickriver.

This project is a huge undertaking but I’m really excited about it. I’m looking forward to see how the year unfolds. If you have any questions about the project or how it’s working out for me, drop me a note either here on the site, through email or on flickr. Thanks for viewing!



January 2009

No Day No Day No Day Good morning 2009! Brand spankin' new On the Hanger Snow Swings
In the hat Trygs Winter Light Dusk in the City Red Lantern Owl-keh Orange Marmalade
Out in the Cold Cat Days of Winter Kite Skiing Keys to the Kingdom Black Forest A Long Day Happy Chewing
Alien Bee Underwood Standard Puffy Customs Inspection On the Inside On the Pond Hockey for One
In the Cruiser Caribou Beans Writing About Your Life Waiting for Spring Will work for treats Reflections of the Outside

February 2009

No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day Between Songs
Splityarn on the 35mm House Patterns The Obligatory Sock Self-Portrait Jade-keh Cooper Close-Up Kitchen Window Babe in Toyland
Print Junkie Pinky the Scarf Vanilla Rooibos Bike-keh At the Library Candle Candy Late Afternoon
The Morning Routine Dog Envy Happy in the Sun Dream Catcher Floating Soda Pop Popping Over
Silver Crane Winter Blueberries Moo Card Houses The High Chair A Lazy Friday Feeling Green

March 2009

No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day Sprinkle Me Elmo
Rice Krispies Treats Streamer-keh In the Down Gumdrops Still Life Reflections on Wood Daylight Savings Blues
Red Roses Another Icky Day Blueberry Bears Fuzzy Poor Man's Paradise Self-Portrait in Miniblind Light Shrimp Fra Diavolo
Club Jager Just a little green... Port in the Storm Kiss Me Skateboard-keh The Smile Reflections of Time
March Moss When will it stop raining? Out of the Bag Shoots! Bookshelf Sampling Orange Juice Sugar, Mmm!
Cloud Cover Where Hail Comes From

April 2009

No Day No Day Annoyed In the Shadow of the Oak Naptime Sunrise So Sweet!
Pink Tulips View from the Highway, Detroit, MI Cheerwine Baby Crocuses, Maybe? Starlight Sometimes a Good Beer... Trout in Parchment
Mixin' Into the Sun Lucia's Chicken Salad Top Shelf Smores Pie! At Brunch Sleepy Tea
Strawberry Angel Food Cake Rocky Shoreline Evening Reading Guarding the House Weeds With Toys Meatballs!
Stacks Cottage Under the Table in the Rain Lotsa Pink

May 2009

No Day No Day No Day No Day A Toast Fresh Ivy Anniversary Spoils
Toast Special K Breakfast Nectar Blueberry Pancakes Eggs Yogurt Parfait Steak and Eggs
In the Garden Wet and Windy Green! Gatekeeper Magic Hour Bistro Afternoon Ready to Fly
Waffle Fries The View Up NY Strip Spring-keh Corral Bread and butter Docked
Cheese Watching for trouble Hibiscus Sunset from the Trolley Path Cooperstar Honeycakes Freewheel Bike

June 2009

Grillin' Hazard Little Sparrow Closing the Deal Peony Pink After the Rains Rainy
Ready to Bloom Corduroy Sangria Birthday Candles This End Up Cupcakes! Rosie
The end of a long day Another long day Lacey-keh Opening to the Rain Rumpled June Snowstorm What's that noise?
Fenced In Sweating Under the Clouds Dew-keh Twilight in the Alley Roasting the Beans Leftovers
Cloudy Open

July 2009

No Day No Day Casual Day Scallops at Lucia's Sparkles Just a little fire Surprise!
Afternoon Stacked Schwinn Tiny Dancer Black Forest Courtyard Braking Power Favorite Pair
Paella! Window Box Cushion Squishin' Life is Like a Carton of Cherries Retro Kitty Tokie Built-In Bike Stand
The White Stripe Sidewalk Pink Cloud Lake Waiting for Bees On Display In the Window Box Wrapped in Seaweed
Gathering Sunlight Impending Storm Sookie in Paperback Berry Sweet! Furring Around the House

August 2009

No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day Classic Benz Lily of the Pads
Steak Drive By Potted Porch Color Remains of the Day Pick a Number Poached String of Lanterns
Lemony Blue Swallow at Twilight Cooper Hears a Who Over the Edge Trellis Bench-keh Treat?!?
Back to the Office Blooming Again! Early Dinner At Play in the House Missing Hawaii Woof? Ferrari
Moules Frites Chives Waiting for the Bees Yeah, They Were All Yellow Spotogee Scrambler Whistlin'
Reading Material

September 2009

No Day Sweety Pup Evening Out Taps Trapped The Volunteer Decisions, Decisions
Gathering Lemon Lighting Squirrel Watching Pretty Not Exactly Fruitcake At the end of the day
Signs of Autumn Brrt Say Wha? Sangria and Snacks Mood Lighting Angelic Reflections Evening In
Twisty Upside-Down It's in the eyes Loungin' Sparky Mantel-keh Apples Hand Tossed
Yes, I'm weird, I know :) An apple a day Sleepycat

October 2009

No Day No Day No Day It rained all day It's blanket season again Party Deer It's Officially Autumn!
Fireplace Lighting Making the tea A Night Out Cherry Pie A little bit of New York... Meltwater The Boys
Jack-O-Lantern Ear Shaker In Neon Not feeling so well... My New Toy Lucia's in the sun Pimm's No. 1 Cup
Blanketeer Three Nicollet in the rain Strings In the Yellow Reflections of a Night Out Autumn-keh
Snackin' On the S Sunrise over Minneapolis Drippity American Rug Laundry Trick-or-Treat

November 2009

No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day No Day Supplies
On Wheels Rainy-Screen-keh Tired Frosted Speckle-footed Out at Night Last to Go
The end of a very short day Not Playing Checkers Pink sky in morning Airborne Public Market Punch Buggy The Needle and the Sound
Mid-Morning Nap Saying goodbye to Fuji-Ya On the Road Again Yawn-acious Roasted Fresh Daily Happy Chocolate! Pan Bagna
Selfie On Spoon Whisker Man Pink Spaghetti Poodle Grasshoppers At the Arcade "He's Religious" Protecting Our Valuables
Moving Day

December 2009

No Day The Olympics Hot Cup O' Joe Dinner Drive-By You've Got Mail View from the Hill Blue Sky
Rainier Finishing a Pint Winter Waterfall Easy to Please Ice on the Ice Sunset from Capitol Hill Out for Italian
Peace and Joy Moving Day Checking out the Street View Golden Harvest Mason Even the Ice Tasted Good The New Local Bathroom Dog
In the Kitchen Tempura Banana Storm Cat Rosemary and Thyme Merry Christmas Seattle By Lantern Light Lunch at Lowell's
The View from #403 Shallots and 'Shrooms At Paragon On the Eve