Pie makes it better

What is it about pie that makes everything feel a little bit better? This time of year more than any other, a warm fire, a warm mug of mulled cider and a big piece of pie can really make an evening. Pumpkin, pecan and apple are my favorites for fall, I also love cherry and strawberry-rhubarb, especially in the summer.

I went to the market this morning to buy a bakery pie. I had just found out that my bathroom wall was quite possibly rotten and unstable under the seemingly solid tile, and that we’d have to go for a couple of weeks showering in our downstairs neighbor’s spare bathroom in the basement, so I was in definite need of pie. I pulled into the parking lot and found myself behind a man who had stopped in front of an open spot. He had enough room to back up and take the spot, but instead he decided to give me the finger, and then pull forward and around the corner to park elsewhere. I parked and went inside, but I watched the man through the window to make sure he didn’t key my car. This was a man that clearly does not have enough pie in his life. Maybe a nice slice of sweet potato pie would have kept him from giving the finger to a complete stranger waiting patiently for him to park his car. Or maybe he needed some chocolate cream pie. In any case, I now have both pumpkin and cherry pie on my kitchen counter to soothe whatever the day has to offer. Go ahead life, bring it on!