I have to admit I’ve done very little to keep myself in shape since the cold weather hit, and I know that I’m going to regret my slacking this spring when I get on the bike for the first time, so I’ve decided to make March my basebuilding month. I’m working to build strength to create a solid base for my spring training by focusing on the basics – full body workouts, core strength and flexibility. This foundation will help to ensure an injury-free and successful Spring.

This morning after my workout, I started thinking about how I could extend this idea to other parts of my life. Everything needs a solid base – a house is only as solid as its foundation, after all. What more can I do to create a solid base for my relationships, my career, my photography? Where are my weaknesses, and how can I fill any gaps in my knowledge. experience and training? These are the questions I’m now asking myself – what can I do this month for a better April, a better 2009 and a better life down the road?

What are your basebuilding plans?