Great Article: Thrown by Elissa Pfost

As I live in Minnesota, it might surprise you to learn that I love to surf. As I’m not into the hardcore drysuit surfing amidst chucks of ice on Lake Superior’s North Shore I don’t get much time on the waves here, but I love to travel to surf spots that are good for beginners like me. I say “good for beginners” as there are a lot of great surf spots that are either too challenging for me, or the spot is local-controlled. The last thing I want on a surfing vacation is to get yelled at or beat up for surfing the wrong break or for accidentally cutting off someone I didn’t see, or to not be able to get a wave because I’m not high enough in the pecking order.

Because of this, I was thrilled to read Elissa Pfost’s article Thrown in the latest Patagonia catalog. I won’t tell you too much about it (as you should read it yourself), but I will say it makes me even more interested in traveling to and possibly living in Portland, OR. I’ve been fascinated with Portland for a while now because the city is very environmentally conscious and has a large biking community, has a reputation for being very laid back and has all the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Now I have one more reason to check out Oregon. Thanks Elissa!

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February 5, 2009 at 12:17 pm

I always had really good luck surfing in Oregon. I don’t really remember ever having problems with the locals the way you can further up into Washington and occasionally on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Could be because I was the only girl and protected by the dudes I was with and therefore unaware, but it was always fun times there. The only sucky part was camping in the winter and pulling on a damp, freezing cold wetsuit the next day. Guh.