On the Fly

I took this photo last night from the skyway between the Target Corporate Headquarters and the building that houses the Target store in downtown Minneapolis. I was on my way to meet Jim for happy hour at Brit’s pub and caught this view out the window. I had my camera with me, like I do most of the time, but I still think how easy it would have been to miss this opportunity. How many times have I looked out a window and thought, “Oh, that’s pretty!” and then kept going? Or thought, “I should take a photo of that the next time I’m here.” It’s so easy to come up with a reason to pass it by. I’ve got somewhere to be. The window is too dirty to shoot through. People will look at me funny or get angry. But each moment is fleeting, and so many things need to be aligned to make a great photograph. I’ve missed so many great photos already, I don’t want to miss anymore. So going forward I’m going to make more of an effort to stop and take the shot. After all, the unexpected photos are often my favorites.