Moo Mini Cards

My moo mini cards arrived today!

Moo mini cards and little cards that are smaller than business cards (they are really tiny!) but can be used as calling cards. Moo is the company that makes them. They are partnered with Flickr, so they automatically allow you to import photos from your flickrstream to make the cards. The cards come in packs of 100, and you can select up to 100 different photos for each pack. I only selected 8 photos so I have 12 or 13 cards of the same image.

Most of the cards look really sharp. I wasn’t overly pleased with the color of the tennis ball card, but that may have been an issue on my end. Also, some of the cards don’t have perfectly finished edges. It looks a bit unprofessional, as if I cut them myself. But for the most part the cards look great and I can’t wait to hand them out! If you’d like one, leave me a comment or send me an email.