The Woolly Bear

Jim and I spent this past Sunday at Apple Jack Orchard. We didn’t pick any apples, but we did take a lot of pictures and ate apple brats and apple pie. We stood out amongst the many families with small children, in part because we were not sticky or tending to a screaming child, and in part because we were taking pictures of the barns and not each other. We did find quite a few cool shots that you can check out on flickr.

One of our more interesting finds was this reddish-orange woolly bear caterpillar. According to folklore the amount of black on a woolly bear indicates how harsh the winter will be. The more black on the woolly bear, the harsher the winter, so this bear bodes well for the upcoming freeze. Of course, we live in Minnesota so a mild winter probably means snow and high temperatures above zero most days, but I’ll take what I can get!