Fourth of July

While we usually travel for the 4th, we decided to spend it at home this year, and we weren’t the only ones. We had thought that with the long weekend most people would be heading up to lake homes and other vacation spots, but it seems the rising cost of fuel kept a lot of people in the city. The lakes were packed with cyclists, runners, boaters and sunbathers. The line for lunch at The Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun was the longest I’ve seen since I’ve lived in Minneapolis – it was over an hour between the time we arrived and got in line and the time we got our food! As always, it was worth it, but wow!

After lunch we retreated from the crowds for a relaxing afternoon at home before joining our neighbors for dinner. After dinner we took a walk with Cooper down to the lake to watch what we could of the fireworks. We’re not even sure which city’s show we saw (we think it was St. Louis Park, maybe?), but it was definitely the perfect end to our low-key holiday.