Holding on to Fall

Autumn Ivy

Autumn is my favorite season and it always seems to go by too fast. This year was no different. While I recognize that the leaves started to change at the end of August here, it still makes me sad that for the most part, the leaves have changed and fallen and winter is on it’s way. We even had our first snow this past weekend! But before we tuck into the long, cold Minnesota winter, I wanted to post just one more picture of my favorite season in an effort to hold off the winter coats and ice a little longer.

Minnesota Lost


Today we took a few new bike trails and got a bit, well, lost. We were in Minneapolis the whole time, but you’d never have known from the scenery. Soft rolling hills, open pastures and shade trees lined our bike trail, which, we discovered, headed into the heart of downtown. The trail did get a bit industrial at the end, but it’s definitely a ride we’ll do again.