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Let It Snow!

Yesterday morning it snowed, the first snowfall of the year. The temperatures plunged below zero, and in one night some trees dropped all their leaves in a panicked attempt to keep up with the temperature change. It was amazing to see the blankets...

Green Minnesota

One of my favorite things about Spring in Minnesota is how green everything becomes. After only one hard rain this Spring, the trees are covered in a soft layer of moss and have taken on a velvety texture. The grass is starting to...


This evening we're getting our first big snowfall of the winter season. We've gotten a few inches already, and should be getting a few more before the morning. Lake Calhoun is almost completely frozen, although I wouldn't attempt to walk across it just...

Minnesota Lost

Today we took a few new bike trails and got a bit, well, lost. We were in Minneapolis the whole time, but you'd never have known from the scenery. Soft rolling hills, open pastures and shade trees lined our bike trail, which, we...