Siebe Warmoeskerken: Cookie splash!

Cookie splash! v7 (Le grande finale) by Siebe, on Flickr

Cookie splash! is a series of photos taken by Siebe Warmoeskerken, Owner of De Vetpan studios and fellow flickrite. Each photo in the series features beautiful bokeh and huge, amazing, perfectly in-focus coffee splashes, with cookies, of course! Warmoeskerken created the splashes using chocolate easter eggs, but says that any tiny, heavy object will do. I love the beauty of the splashes and the fantastically colored backgrounds.

For the try-it-at-home types like myself, Warmoeskerken provides a quick step-by-step tutorial and also a “making of” video on Vimeo. If you try this out, let me know. I’d love to hear how it goes!

Happy Friday!


Need some furry cuteness to kick off your weekend? Check out the Furry Friday group on Flickr for some cute and furry fun.

Have a great and restful weekend everyone!

Flickr Slideshow

Did you know that Flickr had slideshow capabilities? I had seen the slideshows before, but I had no idea that you could embed them elsewhere, or that they were set on a black background, or that you could make the images full screen. I have to say that I’m fairly impressed.

The above slideshow includes my full stream, but it’s possible to view slideshows of particular sets also. I’ve added a link to my 365 project slideshow to the project page also. Happy viewing!

New 365 Project Page

Keys to the Kingdom

I’ve added a new page to the site for my 365 photography project so that you can follow along a little bit easier.  The page can be found on the page bar above the header image.  The photo thumbnails are arranged in a calendar format to make it a bit easier to see when each photo was taken.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions about the project.  Thanks!

The 2009 365 Project

Good morning 2009!

If you follow me on flickr, then you probably know that I’ve been taking at least one photo every day since the middle of November and posting it on flickr. For 2009, I’ll be doing the same thing, but in a more organized fashion as a 365-day project. Each picture will have notes about the day and/or the photo so that there’s a little context around the image. By the end of the year I will literally have my “year in pictures.” I’ve created a photo set in my flickrstream specifically for this project, so you can follow along if you like, or, even better, join me in taking and posting a photo a day.