Sherlock Holmes

This past Friday I went to see the newest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which was fantastic. But I was just as excited about the previews. I got to see the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are on the big screen, and it looked so good it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Another film that I’ve been impatiently waiting for is Sherlock Holmes, and I saw the full trailer for the first time on Friday. It looks fantastic!

Note: If you have the internet connection to support it, make sure to click the HD button to watch the trailer in HD. It makes a big difference.

Philip Bloom: 3 Days in April

Philip Bloom is a UK-based filmmaker that lately has been doing a lot of work with HD video and 35mm film adapters. He has a number of film shorts available online at both his site and on vimeo. I’ve chosen 3 Days in April to show you as I feel it showcases a lot of the great technique he uses in his work. He likes to play with time, speeding up and slowing down depending on the mood he’s looking to evoke, and he uses depth of field to paint in the focal points of the images he’s displaying in a way that is subtle yet powerful. I also love the contrast in the three days as they are each very different from each other. Philip Bloom is creating some really beautiful work, and he’s definitely a filmmaker I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Posting Film to Flickr

The Pink and Yellow Crowd

I got my first roll of color film back from the shop today and I’m thrilled to be able to start posting pics from my Rebel 2000 SLR. I’ve owned the camera since college and I’m really glad I finally know how to use it! I’m still figuring some things out, like getting the right depth of field for the shot I want, but I’ve come a long way in a short time. So please check out the new pics in my flickrstream. I’ll be posting a few each day after they’re digitally developed, so check back over the next week to see them all.

Shooting Film

I love my SLR.

I love the click of the mirror moving out of the way, the sound of the shutter and the film advancing. I love the way the lens focuses. I like the feel of the camera; it makes me feel like I know what I’m doing, even when I don’t. I’ve always found the settings a bit of a mystery, but my photography class is making their uses clear and I like the control they offer (er, the promise of control they offer – I’d have to know what I was doing to gain any control from them!) So the question poses itself – why don’t I shoot more with the SLR and less with the digital point and shoot?

There are some obvious reasons for choosing the Digital Elph.  It fits in my pocket, and I get the instant gratification of seeing the picture.  I don’t have to worry about how many pictures I take, or about getting them developed and printed.  And if they don’t come out perfect I’m not stuck with them.  But the biggest reason for me to stick with digital has been that I can’t get the pictures up on Flickr.  Yes, Flickr.  That’s what’s been holding me back.  I know you can get a CD made, but I’ve always been a bit suspcious of the quality, so I’ve avoided it.  Well, the light has shined on me.  It seems that all I need to do is to get a negative scanner.  And they’re relatively cheap.  Genius!  Now all I’m wondering is – why did it take me so long to figure this out??  I already own a great camera.  Why not use it?

So I think I might have to go pick up a few more rolls of film.  And maybe a 50mm f/1.8 lens.  And we’ll see where that takes me.