Bastille Dog

Bastille Dog

This sweet dog was hanging out with his people yesterday at the Bastille Day block party at Barbette in Minneapolis, MN. Pit bull terriers really get a bad rap, and this guy was the perfect example of how sweet they can be. Just look at that smile!

Happy Friday!


Need some furry cuteness to kick off your weekend? Check out the Furry Friday group on Flickr for some cute and furry fun.

Have a great and restful weekend everyone!


Puppy-cam. It’s cute, and addicting. They’re shiba inu puppies and they are really adorable. As I write this they are sleeping in their crate, in a big puppy pile. Too cute for words. I can’t look away.

Puppy love is stronger than a shark

This man punched a shark to rescue his dog. I know both Jim and I would do something like this to rescue Cooper if anything should happen to him. Hopefully it never will. We definitely won’t be taking Coop to Islamorada any time soon!

NOTE: I’ve updated the video so there should be no browser issues. Please let me know if you can’t access the video.



This morning I had the full intention of getting out and getting my photo assignment done, and going for a nice long bike ride. However, there was this little furry person who really didn’t like that idea. He’s decided to hold me down with force by laying down on me every time I sit down. He’s on my lap as I write this.

So I decided that the best way to work on my photography was to allow him to participate a bit. This doesn’t get my assignment done, but at least I’m thinking about how to compose a shot. And we both had fun in the process.