This morning I had the full intention of getting out and getting my photo assignment done, and going for a nice long bike ride. However, there was this little furry person who really didn’t like that idea. He’s decided to hold me down with force by laying down on me every time I sit down. He’s on my lap as I write this.

So I decided that the best way to work on my photography was to allow him to participate a bit. This doesn’t get my assignment done, but at least I’m thinking about how to compose a shot. And we both had fun in the process.

Snow Lake


We had a rare warm day today, so Jim, Cooper and I headed out to Lake Calhoun to enjoy the snow and watch the kite skiers. I was amazed at the way the snow had formed into dunes in some places, and barren ice terrain in others. It felt otherworldly, as if walking on the moon, or at least what I think walking on the moon might feel like. Cooper had a blast running over the dunes, and sometimes into the dunes. We took a few pictures, played a bit in the snow and then headed home.

Doxie Lovefest


Saturday was the February Twin Cities Dachshund Lover’s Meetup, also known as the “Weinerdog Love Fest”. This once-a-month event for weenies and their human counterparts is always a good time (who wouldn’t be entertained by a room full of long-bodied short dogs running wild!) It’d been a while since Cooper had been to a meetup or any dog social event, and this was his first event since he was bitten, so we were a bit nervous about how he’d handle it. He was his usual fun, friendly and crazy self – he played with his friends and made new ones. What a happy, crazy dog!