Minnesota Lost


Today we took a few new bike trails and got a bit, well, lost. We were in Minneapolis the whole time, but you’d never have known from the scenery. Soft rolling hills, open pastures and shade trees lined our bike trail, which, we discovered, headed into the heart of downtown. The trail did get a bit industrial at the end, but it’s definitely a ride we’ll do again.

Velog – Twitter for Cyclists

I now have a page on velog.com.  Velog is similar to Twitter – it’s a microblog site with a social side also, but it’s focused on the cycling community.  I can log my rides with distance, time, and any notes I want to include about it.  Anyone can go to the site and see what I’ve been up to (or if I’m slacking off).  It also tracks my mileage for the week and my total mileage since joining the site.  You can follow me any time with the link in the blogroll to the left, or you can join me on velog by clicking here.

New Bike


About 2 weeks ago both Jim and I got new bikes. He picked up a Surly single speed and I got a new Bianchi 1885 Veloce. It’s been raining here every day so I haven’t gotten to ride it much, but the few times I have ridden it have been great. The ride is really smooth, and the shifting is much easier than on my older bike. We went out for a nice ride by the lakes today, doing a figure-eight around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, followed by lunch at the Tin Fish. Now if I could only do that every morning!