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The Helmet Carrier

I don't understand this phenomenon.  I've heard stories about people riding bikes with their helmets strapped to their racks or hung around their handlebars, and I always thought it was strange, but it wasn't until I saw a man riding like this today that it...

Hit and Run

Yesterday I received this email from the City of Minneapolis: On September 11, 2008 around 4:20 a.m. a 64 year old St Louis Park resident with cerebral palsy was struck and killed by a hit and run driver on Excelsior Boulevard less than a block from...

Minnesota Lost

Today we took a few new bike trails and got a bit, well, lost. We were in Minneapolis the whole time, but you'd never have known from the scenery. Soft rolling hills, open pastures and shade trees lined our bike trail, which, we...

New Bike

About 2 weeks ago both Jim and I got new bikes. He picked up a Surly single speed and I got a new Bianchi 1885 Veloce. It's been raining here every day so I haven't gotten to ride it much, but the few...