Snow Lake


We had a rare warm day today, so Jim, Cooper and I headed out to Lake Calhoun to enjoy the snow and watch the kite skiers. I was amazed at the way the snow had formed into dunes in some places, and barren ice terrain in others. It felt otherworldly, as if walking on the moon, or at least what I think walking on the moon might feel like. Cooper had a blast running over the dunes, and sometimes into the dunes. We took a few pictures, played a bit in the snow and then headed home.

Doxie Lovefest


Saturday was the February Twin Cities Dachshund Lover’s Meetup, also known as the “Weinerdog Love Fest”. This once-a-month event for weenies and their human counterparts is always a good time (who wouldn’t be entertained by a room full of long-bodied short dogs running wild!) It’d been a while since Cooper had been to a meetup or any dog social event, and this was his first event since he was bitten, so we were a bit nervous about how he’d handle it. He was his usual fun, friendly and crazy self – he played with his friends and made new ones. What a happy, crazy dog!


Cooper was bit by another dog yesterday while out for a walk.  I was not there for the actual bite, but I still experienced the trauma of knowing someone I loved was hurt and there was almost nothing I could do about it.  We took him to the emergency vet (we were so panicked that I’m amazed we managed to make it there in one piece), and the vet repaired our little guy’s cheek with tissue glue.  This experience is really making me think about the responsibility of dog ownership, how hard it is to know what’s going on in their heads, and how much we can care for someone so little and furry.  I know most of the time that Storm is safe in the house where very little real harm can come to him, but Cooper is often out in the world and at the mercy of those bigger and stronger than him.  Watching Storm sleep contentedly on the couch and Cooper alertly looking out the window at the street below, all I can think about is how much I love my furry family.

Snow Dog

Off roading

This past weekend we had our first snowstorm of the season, and it was Cooper’s first snowstorm ever! He was a bit nervous at first but now he’s loving it. He’s chasing and eating snowballs and loving long walks on the trolley path. Who knew the Minnesota winter could be so fun?