Happy Friday!


Need some furry cuteness to kick off your weekend? Check out the Furry Friday group on Flickr for some cute and furry fun.

Have a great and restful weekend everyone!

Warm Feelings on a Cold Night

Beyond the Rooftop

It started snowing around 8 am this morning and it’s still coming down – we’ve got about 4 inches so far. But soon the snow will stop and with the clear skies will come the cold temperatures. By cold I mean that the highs for the next few days MIGHT make it over 0 by a few degrees at the most, and the lows will be in the -15 ballpark. Tonight we’re expecting wind chills that will make it feel like -25, and just as the sun went down I could see the wind picking up and the freshly fallen snow swirling back up into the trees.

So tonight I’m thankful for a warm apartment with working electricity and lots to keep me busy. I’m glad to have a hot meal to eat, and a wonderful husband and two toasty furballs to keep the bed warm tonight. I’m happy to have friends, family and hot tea. In trying economic times like these, where I’ve gotten only a few job leads in the past few months with no prospects on the horizon and hear doomsday predictions each time I turn on the news, it can be hard to remember that I really have it pretty good.

Puppy love is stronger than a shark

This man punched a shark to rescue his dog. I know both Jim and I would do something like this to rescue Cooper if anything should happen to him. Hopefully it never will. We definitely won’t be taking Coop to Islamorada any time soon!

NOTE: I’ve updated the video so there should be no browser issues. Please let me know if you can’t access the video.



This morning I had the full intention of getting out and getting my photo assignment done, and going for a nice long bike ride. However, there was this little furry person who really didn’t like that idea. He’s decided to hold me down with force by laying down on me every time I sit down. He’s on my lap as I write this.

So I decided that the best way to work on my photography was to allow him to participate a bit. This doesn’t get my assignment done, but at least I’m thinking about how to compose a shot. And we both had fun in the process.

In black and white


While I’m hoping to find a Canon EOS 50D under the Christmas tree, I’m currently making use of my Digital Elph and my Rebel 2000 35mm cameras as best I can.  I started my black and white film photography course last night and, even though I’ve owned the camera for years, I learned for the first time how to set the f-stop and aperture.  Yes, all these years I’ve been pointing and shooting and not knowing what was actually going on.  I’d like to think I’ve been quite successful this way, but I’m sure my photography skills will improve dramatically once I know what I’m doing.  Or at least I hope so.

Today it’s been cloudy and rainy and not good for outdoor photography, so my homework assignment will have to wait for another day.  Instead I’ve been playing with the settings on my point-and-shoot Elph.  I didn’t have to work hard to find a willing subject for my experimenting.  Storm was more than happy to blink, flirt, stretch and roll around like a supermodel on the beach in Cannes.  Well, not EXACTLY like that, but close.  Cooper was a less willing participant; most of the pics I took of him were while he was asleep.  He tends to think the camera contains something tasty to lick, so that was just as well.

Most of the shots came out blurry, a common consequence of photographing furries, but I did get a few good black and whites.  I’ve also learned that slightly overexposing certain color shots gives a nice effect.  I’ll have to play more with this.  In the meantime, I’ll be hitting the books to get my reading assignment done, and hitting National Camera for all the film printing supplies I’ll need for class.

More to come…