Happy Friday!


Need some furry cuteness to kick off your weekend? Check out the Furry Friday group on Flickr for some cute and furry fun.

Have a great and restful weekend everyone!


Remember the puppy-cam? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get rid of the pop-up ads (they come up even on the host site) and it appears that right now the sound is not broadcasting, but it’s cute nonetheless.

You can toggle to fullscreen for the window above, and you can also watch here, which I *think* avoids pop-ups.

UPDATE: I’ve removed the video as it just had too many ads going on, and sometimes the streaming video wasn’t even the kittens! You can still access the kitty-cam at the “here” link above. Thanks!

Happy First Year

Good Morning!

This past Tuesday was the one year anniversary for this blog, and it sure has changed in one year, as have I. I’ve managed to get the post count up, and I hope work up to posting almost every day.

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention some of the other things I’ve been up to lately. Since I got my new DSLR I’ve been posting new pictures on flickr almost every day. I’ve finished my first photography class and am looking forward to getting the negatives scanned and posted, and to starting my second class this winter. The bikes are in for the winter but I’ll be trying out some spin classes in my area, so I might have a bit to report on that. Jim’s been painting, and you can see his stuff in his flickrstream.

November is the cloudiest month here in Minneapolis, and with the short days it feels as if we go from night to gloomy gray skies and back to night over and over without any real daylight at all. December has the shortest days but at least it’s a bit sunnier. So I’ll be looking for indoor activities to blog about, at least between now and Thanksgiving. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!


A friend sent this to me a while ago and I found it again while cleaning out my email box. Charley is so cute, and is so lucky to have found a good family!


Cooper was bit by another dog yesterday while out for a walk.  I was not there for the actual bite, but I still experienced the trauma of knowing someone I loved was hurt and there was almost nothing I could do about it.  We took him to the emergency vet (we were so panicked that I’m amazed we managed to make it there in one piece), and the vet repaired our little guy’s cheek with tissue glue.  This experience is really making me think about the responsibility of dog ownership, how hard it is to know what’s going on in their heads, and how much we can care for someone so little and furry.  I know most of the time that Storm is safe in the house where very little real harm can come to him, but Cooper is often out in the world and at the mercy of those bigger and stronger than him.  Watching Storm sleep contentedly on the couch and Cooper alertly looking out the window at the street below, all I can think about is how much I love my furry family.