Finding Inspiration

New Leaves

I’ve been blogging now for about 18 months, but I still feel like a newbie. I’m still figuring out what it is I want to write about, to tell you about. Like with everything I do, I want to put my best foot forward and be the best blogger I can be. To help me find my path, I’ve been reading a lot from other blogs, blogs that draw me in to the author’s world. Blogs that are authentic and inspirational. And now I’d like to share these blogs with you.

I’m not going to tell you too much about the blogs; they really speak for themselves anyway, and I want to give you the opportunity to discover them as I did – with no preconceived notions.

  • Ink on my fingers – written by Susannah, a writer and photographer in the UK.
  • Little Purple Cow Productions – by Stephanie C. Roberts, this is a beautiful photoblog with almost daily tidbits of insight.
  • Gypsy Girl’s Guide – Alessandra de Souza writes about writing, photography and living the gypsy lifestyle.
  • Swirly Girl – by Christine Mason Miller, a writer and artist.
  • Windsweeping – by Holly.  She doesn’t update often but I love what she writes when she does.

Do you have a blog that you love to read, that inspires you?

Spinning Medium is Live!

Spinning Medium

Spinning Medium is a new blog comprised of a number of different people from different walks of life and different parts of the country posting on pretty much whatever they want, from sports to politics to art. The idea is to stimulate conversations on a number of different topics with people coming from different viewpoints and life experiences. I’ve been helping to get the project off the ground and am looking forward to seeing where it takes us. If you’re looking for a new view on the world, head on over to check it out.

Top 5: Blogs about Photography

Q was ZX

In no particular order, these are my top 5 favorite blogs about photography. You’ll notice that the major review sites are missing. This is because once you have gear, there’s no point in reading those sites. It’s time to get out and shoot. The below sites focus on improving your skill and finding inspiration, something I can always use more of!

The Online Photographer covers everything from photography tips and techniques to great photographers to the latest news in the photography world. It’s updated every day, even on the weekends, and always seem to have great content.

Digital Photography School just got a facelift and is now three blogs in one: A shooting tips blog, an equipment blog, and a post production tips blog.  There are always great tutorials on this site, and a very active community to share tips and tricks with.

F/1.0 is the personal photography blog of Ed Zawadzki.  Here he talks about what he’s been up to with his photography, and also includes a number of tutorials, often showing what he did to get a particular shot, in camera and in post production.  I’ve learned alot from reading this site!

Shutter Sisters This site is a recent find for me and I just love it!  It features a number of woman photographers that share their experiences both behind the lens and in life in general.  This is the site I visit when I need inspiration for my photography, or when I’m just looking for a really good read.

3191 is a site I’ve posted about previously.  Two photographers, one in Portland, OR and the other in Portland, ME, each take one picture every weekday and post them to the blog side by side.  They don’t talk about the images beforehand, but sometimes the photos seem so connected to each other…  There’s not a lot of text here, in fact there’s no text other than the comments, but to me it’s a great place to look for inspiration, and a great slice of daily life.

Do you have a site you love?  If so, please let me know about it.