100 Things

Window View

This is a stream-of-consciousness writing exercise from one of the books on writing that I am reading.  I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d share.

Here are one hundred things I love, in no particular order:

  1. kitties
  2. purring
  3. hugs
  4. the sound of the ocean
  5. sun on my face
  6. sand in my toes
  7. finding the zone on my yoga mat
  8. getting lost in a good book
  9. breakfast
  10. the rhythmic beat of a hard rain
  11. the smell of the woods after a good rain
  12. fog
  13. bookstores
  14. furry creatures
  15. the click of a camera shutter, but only when it’s my camera
  16. sunrise
  17. an open afternoon
  18. falling in love
  19. first kisses
  20. butterflies in the stomach
  21. possibilities
  22. magic
  23. driftwood
  24. decadent chocolate desserts
  25. cupcakes

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