The Twilight Saga


A few weeks ago a purchased a hardcover copy of Twilight, just to see what the big deal was about. I wanted to read it before I saw the movie, and since the movie was coming out on DVD soon it seemed like time. So last Wednesday evening I opened my copy and started reading. By Thursday afternoon I had finished it and was at the bookstore buying New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I was addicted. Watching Bella and Edward fall in love wasn’t enough, I had to know what would happen next.

I finished Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the series, late Saturday night, and purchased Twilight the movie Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure if the movie would be able to capture the book; it’s hard to fit so much emotion and action into only two hours of screen time. While I still feel that the book tells the story so much better than the film, the film does hold it’s own. It’s definitely worth watching whether you’ve read the book or not – but if you’ve seen the movie and haven’t read the book, I recommend reading the book next.

As of this writing, New Moon the movie is in production, scheduled to be released late this year, and the movie version of Eclipse is planned for a 2010 release. I haven’t seen anything yet about a film version of Breaking Dawn, but I would assume that’s coming also, probably quick on the heels of the others. I’d imagine it’s a bit hard not to want to film these back-to-back since many of the characters don’t age, but of course the actors do! As for additional books in the saga, there’s no news yet. Midnight Sun, the companion to Twilight told from Edward’s viewpoint, is on hold indefinitely while Stephenie Meyer works on other projects. I have a feeling if she starts work on it again she will remain mum about it, and we’ll only hear the good news once she’s finished writing it. I, for one, have my fingers and toes crossed that we’ll hear more about Bella and Edward. Meyer may be done writing about them for a while (I refuse to believe she’s done permanently!!), but I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of reading about them.

If you’re addicted like me, you can hear more about her writing and publishing process, read outtakes, and even see photos of the Cullens’ cars at Stephenie Meyer’s website.

Kiss Me by Philosophy

Kiss Me

I absolutely adore this lip balm. I bought my first Philosophy Kiss Me lip balm years ago when I lived in New York City. They only made it one color and sold it in little tubs back then, and I applied it with my finger. Now there are multiple colors and flavors and the choice between no SPF and SPF20, and they’ve also added an exfoliating lip scrub to the line. The new little tubes (okay, not terribly new, just new to me) make it easy to apply on the go, and with all the options now there’s a balm for any event or time of day. But the main reason I love this product is that it locks moisture into my lips and helps to heal dryness and cracks better than any other balm I’ve tried. I often use this as an overnight treatment, applying it just before bed, sometimes followed by a little Burt’s Bees balm to seal it in (the Burt’s Bees is more waxy). I’m not sure my lips could make it through the harsh Minnesota winter without it. So pick a color, or go clear. Either way your lips will be protected, and plenty kissable.

Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas

Blueberry Bears

I find gummy bears completely addictive, so it was just about impossible for me to pass up Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas. These bears are made with organic ingredients and come in really yummy flavors like blueberry acai and pomegranate white tea. All five flavors are loaded with antioxidants and while I’ve personally only tasted three of the flavors, I can tell you they’re some of the best tasting bears out there.

Gummy bears are a great snack even if you’re trying to lose weight, as they’re low in calories (Bissinger’s blueberry acai gummy pandas are only 8 calories per bear) and contain simple sugars to give you an energy boost. Since all you really need is few bears here and there when your energy is low, Bissinger’s sells the bears in a resealable pouch so they won’t dry out between snacks. If you’re like me and have a hard time having just one or two, knowing that they’ll will taste just as fresh later on can help you resist the urge to eat them all in one sitting.

I should warn you, these are VERY addictive. Pandaholics Anonymous, anyone?

Patagonia Down Sweater Vest

In the Down

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Down SWEATER vest?!?”, but yes, that’s what Patagonia calls it. This vest is designed with smaller channels for the down, allowing it to keep you warm without a lot of added bulk, so it fits more like a sweater. Not exactly like, but more like. It’s surprisingly warm yet flexible – I’ve found I can wear this vest over a wool baselayer and a light wool sweater and be comfortable walking the dog in 20 degree weather, but it doesn’t make me overheat when I wear it indoors either.

The exterior fabric of the vest, made from recycled polyester, is windproof and water-resistant. It holds in the feathers well and resists tearing – I learned this well on the first day I wore the vest when I clumsily caught some of the vest fabric in the zipper. If it had torn, I would have been covered under the Patagonia Ironclad Guarantee, which I also know from experience is the real deal. The vest has three pockets – two handwarmer pockets and one rather large interior pocket that the vest can fold into when I need to stash it in my bag. The zippers are solid and are the quality I’ve come to expect from Patagonia. I’m very happy with the fit also, not too snug and not too loose, and it follows the natural contours of my torso. All in all I think I’ve made a really good purchase, and I can tell already that it’s going to get a lot of use.

If you’re a guy, Patagonia makes this vest for you too :)

Moo Me Again!

Moo Card Houses

I’ve received my second set of moo cards this week and they look fantastic! I’m very pleased. If you’re not familiar with these cards, you should be! They’re made by a company called Moo, and run $20 for a set of 100 cards. If you have a Flickr account, you can link your Flickr account to your Moo account and bring over your Flickr photos automatically – no manual uploading required! Moo let’s you choose up to 100 images per set, so if you desire 100 unique cards, you can have them for no additional charge. Moo is located in the UK, but if you’re stateside you’ll still get your cards fairly quickly – it takes about a week for them to print, and then another week to ship.

As always, if you see a card you’d like, send me an email or a flickrmail. I’m up for trades :)