Loving It All Over Again

Evening Reading

I was really enjoying the weekly style column, but as I’m currently unemployed I’ve been avoiding all things shopping-related to keep myself on budget. In light of this I’ve decided that a change is in order, and the weekly style column will be going away. I will still be posting great shopping and style finds when I have them, just on a little looser schedule. As always, if you know of products I should check out, please send them to me or post them here. All ideas are appreciated.

As you can probably guess from the last few style entries, I’ve been spending my time reading instead of shopping. Lately I’ve been re-reading books I’ve already read, including books from my childhood. I highly recommend it.

This week I re-read The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. This book was probably the most significant book of my childhood. It’s the one that got me started in reading fantasy, which is the primary genre I read growing up, and it really encouraged my love of reading. I also think it helped to keep alive my love of magical things and to foster my belief that there’s more to life than meets the eye. I can’t remember anything I ever read before I read this book. Granted, I was 9 or 10 when I read The Blue Sword the first time. I do remember I was really bored with the books I was reading before I read The Blue Sword, and this was my first “close to adult” book. I also remember that as I kept reading fantasy, I started to worry that if my parents realized I was reading such adult books they might be upset. They weren’t, of course, but it was my little rebellion, even if it was imaginary.

So the other night I picked up this book that has been so significant in my life, that I haven’t read in many years, and was shocked to discover that I remembered the first few lines. I remembered how Harry loved the fresh squeezed orange juice, even if I didn’t remember Harry’s name until I read it again. I was hooked in after only the first chapter, knowing that it just gets better and better, and relishing all the details that were coming back to me. It was like going home after many years away.

When I got to the end of the book I found it just as satisfying as it was the first time. I wanted more, and I even re-read passages again just so I could stay in that world a little longer. I felt like I was 10 again, in love with Corlath and Harry and the world they lived in. It is said you can never go back, but, I think, by losing yourself in the right book, you can.

Super Yummy Body Wash

Yummy Body Wash

This is my absolute favorite body wash – the coconut lime verbena creamy body wash from Bath and Body Works. It’s got a clean, mild scent that smells (of course) like coconut and lime and reminds me of sitting on the beach in Mexico drinking pina coladas and frozen margaritas. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?!

I also love this body wash for the great things that it does for my skin. It keeps me feeling moisturized, even in the winter, yet it doesn’t make me break out – all it’s moisturizers are oil-free. If you’re not into the coconut lime scent, the cucumber melon scent is really nice too. And if you feel like you need a bit more moisture, Bath and Body Works makes matching luxurious body lotions too.

One More Time…

It seems that my hosting provider is migrating my site to a new server. News to me… it’d be nice if they told me these things before they did them. In any case, the site might be down for a bit so for that I apologize. Once the migration is done (hopefully by tomorrow morning US central time) I’ll be installing a software update which might cause some issues also, but this should be the last site update for a while. Unless, of course, my hosting provider has something else up their sleeve.

I’ll update this post when all the site updates are complete, and I apologize for any annoyances that this may cause. Thanks for your patience.

1/24 UPDATE: No downtime this weekend. Whew!

Weekly Style

On both of the last two Wednesdays I’ve posted style items, and now I’ve decided to make it official. I will now be posting a weekly style item every Wednesday. Look for today’s style posting later this afternoon. Also, if you have any ideas for products to cover in the style column, drop me an email. Thanks!

New 365 Project Page

Keys to the Kingdom

I’ve added a new page to the site for my 365 photography project so that you can follow along a little bit easier.  The page can be found on the page bar above the header image.  The photo thumbnails are arranged in a calendar format to make it a bit easier to see when each photo was taken.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions about the project.  Thanks!