Reef Ginger: Ready for Summer


Almost every Spring I place an order for at least a couple pairs of Reef Ginger sandals. I’m a bit of a flip-flop junkie and would spend the entire summer in these comfy beach shoes if I could. (and maybe someday I will!) While I have a variety of different brands and styles the Reef Ginger are still my favorites. The sole seems to have just the right mix of support and give to make them really comfortable, and they don’t have that floppy, smack-you-back feeling that some styles have. They come in a variety of different strap and sole colors to match any outfit. I prefer those with black soles as they show less dirt so I can wear them anywhere. They’re also really easy to clean, and are affordable at only $20 per pair.

Reef sandals are available through a variety of retailers, but I usually order mine from US Outdoor. They always have a good selection in stock and I’ve had no issues placing or receiving my order. I would love to tell you about their customer service, but I’ve never had to contact them!

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